Tuesday, 2 July 2013


New paper for this one. On the positive side -it's waaaaaay better in terms of line definition (no bleed at all). On the slightly annoying side - it takes forever for the ink to dry so smudges have become an issue.

I'll see how I go.


  1. What paper is it? also what pens do you use?

  2. Also that looks fantastic

    1. Arttec Fineliner paper. Non Feathering / bleedproof. Specifically for Markers, technical pens and pencils (it says on the front). It's shiny as all get out. I actually did some research yesterday to try and figure out what sort of paper I should be using with the pens I have. The Internet says 'hot pressed illustration board'.

      The fineliner paper gives no bleed and a very precise line but like I say, the ink takes forever to dry and the pressure needed to remove the pencil lines often takes some of the beautiful black ink as well. Which sucks.

      I'm using Rotring Rapidographs. Just a .35 up until two days ago when the Internet very kindly told me how to break down my severely clagged .25 for proper cleaning. So now I have one of those also. Which doesn't suck.