Monday, 5 January 2015

Testing. Testing.

Color? No color? The whole thing is a heap load of shite quicker if I don't color (but on the other hand this is probably not typical of the amount of detail I'd normally be shooting for).


  1. Absolutely brilliant! And I confess that the colour makes it even more so.

  2. OMFG Google deleted my comment after making me log in upon hitting submit! Bastards.

    What I was saying before I was so rudely deleted was that I'm really excited over this and can't wait to see what you come up with.

    On the matter of colour - of course colour is always going to look brilliant but I think you should do what they do with Manga serials and do it predominately in black and white and then bring out a couple of special colour pages here and there.

    It's a matter of path of least resistance to getting your work done and out so I can selfishly read it.

    1. As I was saying to Arjan over on Facebook that'll probably be what it at least starts out as.

      Some limited reading (cause I take advice from NO MAN) suggests it is a good idea to have a bank of material built up to reduce the stress of the whole thing (or in your case, the pause in productivity caused by inevitable breaking of a tendon or bout of extreme sickness). I also figure that'll let me see what kind of direction it's all heading in.

      Initial plan would be - first 'issue' as a full page full color, then 3 to 4 panels similar to the one I did of you and Dan a few weeks ago and that would probably start out as weekly. I did 3 times a week on the Blog and that ending up being a bit of a task (rewarded of course with MASSIVE readership numbers and the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS that came with it so there was that).

      I also need to look into a platform. Probably Comicpress I guess. Might start with Blogger because that's what I know and it seems almost mandatory with this kind of thing to have to move all your shit to another site at some point, preferably causing loss of readership and other assorted complications, and I wouldn't want to buck the trend.

    2. ....and OMFG did you just write OMFG? Teeny bopper.

    3. in no way telling you what to do but WordPress is better - there are a couple of themes that look after comics otherwise Tumblr might also be an option

    4. I think that's what I'm talking about. WordPress's comics theme (or add on or whatever it's called).